3D anatomically correct models enabling young people to develop relationships that bring them acceptance, love and pleasure.

Written by The Revd Jane Fraser and Patrick Frain.

This new resource, a CD that complements the extensive 'Notes for Users' that accompany the Daisy and Desmond models, is designed to assist teachers and health educators to realise the full potential of the models.

In response to severely restricted training budgets, this resource enables the lead person in a programme of PSHE to make a PowerPoint presentation on the use of the models. It recognises that all those working with their students with learning disabilities should be aware of how and when the models are used, not just those who have an active role in their use.

With Statutory RSE to start in September 2020, many Special Needs schools and units will need to carry out an RSE curriculum audit and ensure that their strategies and resources are fully compliant. This resource is designed to assist in this process with detailed curriculum suggestions.

'Daisy and Desmond Supporting a PSHE Programme' is fully illustrated with over 30 photographs of Daisy and Desmond. It gives a visual and verbal summary of how the models can complement SRE Key Stages 1 to 4. It has undergone trials at the Nexus International School in Malaysia by Patrick Frain, a long term user of the models in the UK. He demonstrates the use of the models throughout the Nexus International School's curriculum. The CD includes his SRE Scheme for use in a Special Educational Needs Setting, evidence of students' work with the models and some work sheets for classroom use.